Our Commitment

We are committed to helping each student achieve his or her full potential
At Prep Academy Schools we believe that your child has unlimited potential! Our job is to promote learning in a warm, nurturing, responsive atmosphere as we challenge each student to reach his or her full potential — intellectually, socially, developmentally and emotionally. Our curriculum and child enrichment programs take into account the whole child and are implemented with age-appropriate activities. With them we establish a sense of self-confidence, responsibility, self-worth, and enjoyment of life and learning in our students.

Experienced Educators and Staff
Caring and nurturing teachers are committed to building a partnership with all families to ensure the success of their children by establishing educational and developmental goals for each child.

Prep Academy families are encouraged to play an active role in helping motivate their children reach their full potential. Through our use of a free application called BrightWheel, parents receive an update on their child’s activities and progress each day and are encouraged to communicate with teachers and staff regularly.