The Benefit of Volunteering at Your Child’s School

Parents are always looking for a way to spend more time with their children and a great way to do that is by volunteering at your child’s school. Volunteering is a great way for parents to be more involved in their child’s academic life, which can be beneficial for many reasons. Here are just a […]

6 DIY Halloween Treat Ideas for Children

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to get prepared! This time of the year is when children are anxious to dress up and try a variety of sweet treats. A new tradition that you can introduce to them is making your own Halloween treats. DIY Halloween treats are a great way to get […]

10 Fast and Healthy Dinner Ideas for Your Child

It may come as a surprise to you that many experts argue about whether or not breakfast or dinner is the most important meal of the day. Your last meal of the day is just as important as your first! For parents who are typically busy or burnt out from the day, it’s easy to […]

7 Tips To Help You Through The Terrible 2’s

Almost every parent has heard of the term the “terrible twos”. To most, the terrible two’s is seen as the development stage where children experience a rapid shift in mood and behaviors, which causes many challenges for parents. The obvious signs where you can tell a child is in their terrible twos are tantrums, oppositions, […]

Eating Healthy

Eating unhealthy foods is a bad habit for everyone, especially children. In the early stages of life, good nutrition is extremely important. If your child is having a hard time liking healthy foods, here are some tips and tricks to get them on the right path. Eating Veggies Some children naturally dislike the taste of […]

Breakfast: the Most Important Meal of the Day!

Breakfast is often the hardest meal for parents to get their children to eat. We have always heard that it’s “The most important meal of the day,” but is it really that important for you? According to numerous studies on child development and health, the answer is yes. Why is breakfast so important? Breakfast is […]

Sports: Benefits for the Body and Mind

Sports, or any physical activity, are crucial for a child’s development and well-being. Whether organized by a school, a club or just a few friends in their free time, sports offer countless opportunities for a child’s physical, social and emotional growth! Physical Benefits Getting active is important for young children who are at a stage […]

5 Healthy Hobbies for Preschool Children

Hobbies are activities that are meant to expand the mind, develop skills and pass the time. They can reduce stress or be a creative outlet, but most importantly, they help with the physical, emotional and mental development of children. Hobbies give preschool children the chance to express themselves in healthy ways that let them practice […]