Accelerated Academics

Accelerated Learning for Young Minds

Prep Academy Schools’ toddler program focuses on social, emotional, physical, cognitive, fine and gross motor skill activities that are appropriate for each stage of development. Beginning in preschool, our unique and accelerated curriculum provides a learning opportunity for materials to be introduced one grade level beyond their chronological age and peer group.

Proven Results

Many Prep Academy alumni have gone on to enrichment programs and are consistently considered the top of their class.

Exciting Enrichment Programs

Throughout the day, students remain stimulated and engaged by participating in a variety of activities located in classrooms and areas throughout the school. Our infants and toddlers participate in weekly Music and Art programs. Starting at preschool, students also participate in Spanish, Physical Education, and STEM lab. will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

An Inspirational Learning Environment 

Our warm and inviting classrooms help children feel safe and comfortable. Classrooms are filled with manipulative and sensory learning materials that keep students engaged and eager to learn.

A Comprehensive Approach

Our curriculum consists of combining the best aspects of different learning styles through STEM-based learning, hands-on sensory activities, as well as traditional learning materials.

Personal Development

We recognize that all students must develop mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, so we work hard to provide a nurturing, loving, safe environment and personalized curriculum to keep each student challenged, while ensuring that no one is left behind. Character, integrity and positive values are instilled by dedicated professionals who are role models of the highest values.