Accelerated Academics

Accelerated learning for young minds

Prep Academy Schools is proud of its highly acclaimed Flagship Early Childhood Educational Experience, The Accelerated ProgramTM. Many students who have gone through this program have tested two and three grade levels above their age. It has been proven that when you set the standard higher, the achievement is greater!

Advanced Academics

Our Accelerated ProgramTM is geared to the student and family who want the best early childhood development education that money can buy! Our exclusive Accelerated Curriculum was designed by Early Childhood Development Specialists with the Accelerated Student in mind. At Prep Academy Schools we combine a nurturing environment with a high-end, excellent curriculum designed to accelerate students to at least one grade beyond their chronological age and peer group. With small classes and a well-rounded advanced curriculum of Academics, Music, Physical Education, Art, Dance, Drama, Computers and Foreign Language classes, students reach their full potential, socialize more quickly, and develop self-confidence, self-esteem, character, and independence. Our reputation, staff and facilities put us among the top early childhood academic programs in Central Ohio. Many of our students are invited to the top Academic Private Elementary Schools in the city or the Gifted Programs of the Public Schools.

High Achievement

Our Accelerated students work a full year ahead of grade level, while each student is given his or her most appropriate academic challenge. By creating individualized lesson plans, teachers can tailor one-on-one lessons to the strengths of each student. We stretch, not push, each student. At Prep Academy Schools, it is common to see a teacher engaged in a phonics or math lesson with one student at a time, while the other students are guided into suitable activities throughout the classroom.

A Comprehensive Approach

Throughout the day, students remain stimulated and engaged by participating in a variety of activities located in classrooms and areas throughout the school. Weekly themes travel with the class as they explore the Library, Music Room, Spanish Room, Art Center, Gym, Computer Lab, Indoor Theater and other Learning Centers throughout the school. In this way, students are consistently exposed to the topic at hand, and are able to learn subject matter more quickly by making connections through creative, analytical, and social activity. We find that when children move from classroom to classroom, rather than being “plopped” in the same room all day, it keeps their minds more stimulated and engaged.

Personal Development

We recognize that all students must develop mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, so we work hard to provide a nurturing, loving, safe environment and personalized curriculum to keep each student challenged, while ensuring that no one is left behind. Character, integrity and positive values are instilled by dedicated professionals who are role models of the highest values.

Advanced Technology

At Prep Academy Schools, you will find the finest and latest technology available to Early Childhood Education, rarely seen in Preschools! These innovations include fully equipped Computer and MAC Labs; Smart Boards; Audio-Visual Aids; the Internet; and an Online Community for PAS Students, Teachers and Parents.

Ahead of the Curve

Our Accelerated ProgramTM distinguishes our young students from all others and gives them a head-start that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Studies have shown that students who receive the type of early childhood education offered at Prep Academy Schools do better throughout their elementary & high school experience, are chosen by the best colleges (often on scholarships), achieve more throughout life and become more financially successful!

Curriculum Weekly Themes, 2015-2016