5 Kid-Friendly Restaurants in the Polaris Columbus Area

Enjoying a nice breakfast, lunch, or dinner when going out to eat with your family should be an opportunity for everyone to relax. But going out to restaurants with young kids can often turn into a stressful balancing act. Dealing with everything from screaming and crying to picky eaters who can’t find anything on the menu, dining out with kids can end up being more demanding than relaxing. That’s why finding kid-friendly restaurants is so important for parents and families. Finding restaurants that welcome kids can help lessen worries about the experience you may face while dining out.

Here are a few kid-friendly restaurants in the Polaris Columbus area:

  1. Sweet Carrot: Located on the east side of I-71 on Polaris Parkway, this recently opened fresh casual restaurant serves “made-from-scratch comfort foods.” It features a great kids menu with plenty of kid favorites such as grilled cheese and mac ‘n’ cheese.
  2. Carfagna’s Kitchen: Located just a few minutes from Polaris Fashion Place, on the east side of I-71, Carfagna’s Restaurant is a family-owned and operated establishment since 1937. Carfagna’s serves homemade Italian dishes at a great value and includes a children’s menu with a variety of kid’s favorites.
  3. Sunny Street Café: Offering creative prehistoric-themed menu options for the kiddos, such as “Dinosaur Pancakes,” “Pterodactyl Eggs,” and “Jurassic Grilled Cheese,” Sunny Street Café is the ideal place for families to go for breakfast or lunch in the Polaris Columbus area.
  4. Scramblers: With nine locations in the Columbus Area, Scramblers is another great brunch spot offering fun kids dishes such as “Smiley Face Pancakes.” Scramblers also hosts evening events, such as bridal and baby showers, family gatherings, and holiday parties, for groups of 25-200.
  5. 101 Beer Kitchen: With much more than adult beverages and three locations in the Columbus area, 101 Beer Kitchen offers food, drinks, and brunch menus for kids and adults. The kid’s menus include a main dish, two sides, a drink, and a special sweet treat all for $6.00.

At Prep Academy Schools, we encourage families to seize opportunities to spend time with one another in different settings. We believe that going out to restaurants is a great way for families to open channels of communication with their children. Dining out at kid-friendly restaurants in the Polaris Columbus Area is also a great opportunity to teach children valuable life skills such as creating good first impressions, being polite and using good manners.

Five Ways to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

In the age of technology, it can be difficult to get your kids to go play outside. With so many entertaining devices at their fingertips, they are often content with staying indoors all day long. Sometimes it’s best to get rid of their gadgets for a while and go outside for a breath of fresh air and wholesome fun.

Top 5 Ways to Enjoy the Great Outdoors

  1. Gardening. If you already have a garden, give your child their own patch and let her select a flower, herb, or vegetable of her choice to plant. If your backyard is small or you live in an apartment, you can do the same thing but instead have her plant it in a pot. Teach her how to dig a hole, plant the seeds, and water her plant regularly.
  2. Sunset/Sunrise Picnic. Dusk and dawn are some of the most beautiful times of the day, but few of us take advantage of the beauty that they offer. With all of the vibrant colors in the sky and the cooler temperatures of fall, sunrise and sunset can be the perfect time for a family picnic.
  3. Walking/Hiking. Going for a short walk or hike in your neighborhood or the nearest state park can be a good way to experience the outdoors. Teach your kids to appreciate nature by using their eyes, ears, nose, and fingers. Ask them to describe what they see or what they hear. A great idea is to bring a pair of binoculars or a magnifying glass so they can get a heightened sense of the world around them.
  4. Star Gazing. Do some simple online research on astronomy and find out what the constellations and planets look like so you can point them out and teach your child their names. Have him use binoculars or a telescope to get a better look at Orion’s Belt or the Big Dipper. Pay attention to when lunar eclipses or meteor showers are happening, so you can be sure to step outside that night.  If you’re lucky, you might even see a shooting star!
  5. Camping. Having your children help you pick the camping spot will make them more enthusiastic about going on the trip. Another way to get them excited is to have them help you set everything up and have a competition to see who could do their tasks the fastest.


There are so many ways to experience the natural world. You can use these all as opportunities to teach your child the value of nature. At Prep Academy, we recognize the importance of the great outdoors and believe that teaching our kids to appreciate it helps them in their development. Learning about nature also helps them become more environmentally responsible. Most importantly, spending time together as a family outside helps build stronger bonds and motivates your child to reach their full potential.