Summer Camp 2017

Full-day themed camp sessions
For ages 3-8

Summer Camp 2017

The summer program at Prep Academy Schools is 10 weeks of fun and learning for students who have a wide range of interests. Browse our schedule of programs here or visit our website to reserve your spot today.

We offer full day camps for children from 3 years old to 8 years old in arts, humanities, sciences, and more! Our Main Summer Camp is from 7:00 AM until 6:00 PM, and our STEM Camp is from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM (although campers will be able to utilize the main summer camp from 7:00 AM until 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM until 6:00 PM).

Camp Schedules

Main Summer Camp

7:00 AM – 6:00 PM


9:00 AM – 3:00 PM

10 Exciting Sessions

Week 1:6/5 – 6/9
Week 2:6/12 – 6/16
Week 3:6/19 – 6/23
Week 4:6/26 – 6/30
Week 5:7/3 – 7/7
Week 6:7/10 – 7/14
Week 7:7/17 – 7/21
Week 8:7/24 – 7/28
Week 9:7/31 – 8/4
Week 10:8/7 – 8/11

Main Summer Camp Themes

Week 1: Camping and Nature

Campers will be creating an indoor campsite, learning tips for outdoor living along the way. They will be exploring the great outdoors learning about forestry animal and plant life. We will also have a visit from an ODNR (Ohio Department of Natural Resources) Park Ranger.

Week 2: Fun with Food

Food is a great way to stir up creativity! Campers will take part in a culinary experience, creating a different dish each day using a variety of food groups. They will have a firsthand experience when attending a field trip to Young Chefs Academy, where they will put their culinary skills to use in a fun and safe environment.

Week 3: Dino-Explorers

Explore the world of dinosaurs. Campers will go on a dinosaur hunt, learning about the various types of dinosaurs, how they lived, and what they ate. We will study dinosaur bones and learn about fossils with a visit from the Akron Fossil and Science Center.

Week 4: Wild West

Strap on your cowboy boots, we’re heading west! Campers will learn about the Wild West and the life of cowboys, cattle drives and rodeos. We will have live animals, similar to those that live on a ranch, on-site for the campers to have an up close and personal experience. Put on your cowboy hat and get ready for a wild adventure…Yee-Haw!

Week 5: Stars and Stripes

Join us in celebrating America! Campers will learn about how our great country became the United States of America. We will celebrate Independence Day with patriotic crafts and a red, white and blue spirit week.

Week 6: Mad Science

If you like science and enjoy making messes, this week is for you! Campers will use physics and chemistry to complete a variety of science experiments. To top off the week, we will be visiting COSI (Center of Science and Industry) to experiment with hands-on science activities.

Week 7: Secret Spies

Campers will sneak into the secret world of spies as they learn about clever spy techniques, such a decoding a message written in invisible ink. All of these skills will be put to the test as campers attempt to break out of a classroom created escape room. Who will get out in time?

Week 8: Creative Kids

Campers will explore their creative side learning about performing and creative arts. They will make their own amazing works of art and enjoy some time in the spotlight using their imagination to act out fun scenes. We will have a visit from Spotlight on Kids who will help the campers explore their creative side!

Week 9: Sports Extravaganza

Let’s get physical! Campers will learn about, and participate in, a variety of sport activities throughout the week. Sportsmanship and teamwork will be character builders as the campers learn how to work together while participating in activities. We will take a field trip to a local sports themed destination so the campers can put their skills into action.

Week 10: Games Galore

We’ll be turning play into reality this week as the campers learn to play a variety of games. They will be introduced to board and card games, as well as more physically engaging games, such as tug-of- war and tag. This week will be all fun and games!

STEM Camp (Ages 3-5)

Week 3: I Wanna Be… An Astronaut!

Three, two, one…blast off! From exploring the design of the International Space Station to simulating the handling and examining of moon rocks, budding astronauts will learn about rockets, planets, and our solar system.

Week 4: I Wanna Be… An Engineer!

Calling all builders, designers, inventors, and dreamers! By exploring many engineering disciplines, little hands work to create innovative projects that engage and amaze!

Week 7: I Wanna Be… A Physicist!

It’s time for campers to think like real scientists! Using the scientific method, little brains ponder a variety of physics-related topics and learn what it means to make hypotheses, perform experiments, record data, and examine results.

Week 8: I Wanna Be… A Coder!

Calling all future coders! Using the ScratchJr tablet app, budding computer scientists build a foundation for computer programming, and engage in unplugged activities enabling problem-solving and programming logic.

Elementary STEM Camp (Ages 5-8)

Week 3: Rocket Science: Destination Mars!

Join our flight crew as we blast off to Mars! This exciting camp is all about rockets and how they are fueling our knowledge of other worlds. Campers learn what it takes to be a real rocket scientist!

Week 4: 21st Century Robotics – Better, Stronger, Faster

R2D2, WALL-E, The Six Million Dollar Man… We all remember those futuristic machines! Students will study the fundamentals of engineering and technology necessary to create amazing robots, and then construct simplified models of their own to reinforce the principles learned.

Week 7: Potent Potions and Fizzing Formulas

Junior scientists explore the magic of chemistry in this exciting camp that is full of actions and reactions! Seemingly magical topics such as polymers, rate of reaction, oxidation and chromatography are unmasked as we reveal the science through projects such as gooey slime, shiny crystals, disappearing objects and foamy explosions.

Week 8: Coding + Animation

Combine logic and creativity to bring objects to life with this merging of computer programming and animation. Using MIT’s Scratch computer language, campers create code that combines logic and creativity to bring objects to life through computer programming and animation.

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