Finding the Right Preschool

We know you want the best for your little one and sticking them in any old daycare simply won’t cut it. After all, the foundation for a bright academic future for your child starts now. Finding the right preschool for your child can be a long process, sometimes even a year prior to enrolling your child in any school.

Tips to consider before choosing a preschool:

  • Start early. Give yourself enough time to research all the preschools in your area. Starting early gives you the upper hand in applying to the ones that you think have the most potential and allows you to enroll before those slots fill up!
  • Know the difference between daycare and preschool. While a daycare provides supervision and makes sure that your child’s basic needs are met, a preschool usually offers a curriculum and has a specific learning approach.
  • Pinpoint your priorities. It’s easier to select a preschool when you have specific things that you are looking for. For instance, you might have certain enrichments, learning philosophies, and curriculum in mind that you believe would make up an ideal preschool for your child.
  • Research. Ask your friends and family to give you the names of reputable preschools that they’ve had experience with. Word of mouth can be a huge help here as personal references can be used as an asset. Another option is to ask each preschool to give you a list of parents whose children have attended the school, which you can then call to find out what they like and dislike about the school.
  • Find out potty training policies. Part of your research should include finding out whether or not potty training is a requirement. Some schools will agree to help you in the potty training process while others make it a requirement that your child must be fully potty trained before beginning at the preschool.
  • Schedule tours. You should visit each school while classes are in session to get a feel of how the preschool is run. This is also a good opportunity see how low student-to-teacher ratios in the classroom compare with high student-to-teacher ratios.
  • Observe the signs. A well-run preschool will have high-quality relationships between students and teachers, high parent involvement, follow a consistent education philosophy, and emphasize positive discipline policies. If a preschool displays these signs, you will most likely be checking off many items that you put on your list of priorities.
  • Interview. During the tour, you’ll want to ask the administrators and teachers a series of questions. Make a note of the way each director or staff member handles the questions.

At Prep Academy, we’ve created an engaging classroom environment with a colorful and well-designed layout that makes children eager to learn. Our tech-savvy staff helps each young learner gain early exposure to technology by using cutting-edge educational technology that includes Smart Boards, iPads, and computer labs.

We offer a high-end curriculum designed so that students are educated at least one grade level beyond their chronological age and peer group. Our programs are advanced, proven, tailored, exciting, and accelerated. If you want your child to gain life-long learning advantages, have fun, and receive character education, Prep Academy is the preschool for you and your child.